Kalliope's sincerity and use of skills has guided thousand of people into being awesome spouses, cooler parents, more motivated workers and better individuals. All of her students say she offers
"A High Level of Training" & here is
what they want you to know:

Kalliope with Ioannis - Private Client

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"The instructor, Kalliope Barlis, was phenomenal in explaining the nuts and bolts of NLP.  She conveyed the message clearly and efficiently. I now feel more confident in knowing I have the abilities to help others improve their lives as well as my own. Thank you Kalliope". ~Anthony G., Olympic Trainer - Seminar Participant



"The NLP Practitioner course was a wonderful experience and opened up a whole new world. I learned valuable tools and knowledge that I am using in both my personal and professional life. Kalliope is an awesome trainer and I left the course walking and talking NLP." ~ Nicola K.B., Seminar Participant


"This class is like no other class I've ever taken. I'm excited to begin practicing the techniques with friends, family and also myself. I can use what I've learned in so many ways to communicate with people better". ~ Safira M.M. Seminar Participant


Ioannis - Real Estate Agent


"Beautifully designed to teach and enlighten your communication skills and also your personal development. Kalliope has this magical ability to convey NLP to you. You will learn easily and quickly how to apply it to your own environment and the world around you...😀" ~ Athena W. Seminar Participant and Private Client



"I loved every moment of it. A great place to be trained in NLP. Very clear and easy to understand." Participant of Seminar Snowstorm Jan 2016

"Kalliope has a scintillating perspective on the world. She kindly came into a healthcare workshop I was conducting and helped raise the level of our team's thinking with her insights and unique blend of expertise. Throughout she was stimulating, gracious and generous with her ideas. A rare combination on intelligence and empathy".   LinkedIn Recommendation by Andrew Ho, President at FACE

"The training is that Kalliope provided throughout this course opened up doors to better self knowledge and definitely some powerful tools in developing better relationships and understanding of people". ~Oana R., Seminar Participant

"If you're ready in becoming a free person on many levels and have a pleasant life experience going forward, then I highly recommend this"If you're ready in becoming a free person on many levels and have a pleasant life experience going forward, then I highly recommend this program. Kalliope's ability to see life and experiences for what they truly are... that alone inspired me to apply in in my own life."  Participant ~ Licensed Practitioner of NLP program. Kalliope's ability to see life and experiences for what they truly are... that alone inspired me to apply in in my own life."  ~ Participant of Licensed Practitioner of NLP

"If you would like to learn how to communicate more effectively and have better understanding of what others are really saying, this is the class for you! Kalliope is an excellent communicator and will equip you with strategies that will help you live your best life!!" Participant of Licensed Practitioner of NLP

"I believed that where I was before attending this seminar was... I tried as much as I can to change and that no matter what that's where I would reside in my mind but that is no longer my belief. Change happens 'fast' and without asking 'why' has led me to 'how' and that's the beginning of my journey." ~ Aaron A. Participant of Licensed Practitioner of NLP

"Kalliope is the real deal. I have been smoking for most of my life. I have tried to quit more times than I care to remember. When you meet Kalliope, you feel as you have known her forever. She dispels all of your fears and allows you to see beyond today. It's that feeling of knowing how the future can look with the results you desire. I have been smoke free for over 2 months and although there are times that are still trying... I know I can overcome it and move on with my life. Kalliope, you are truly a god send! Thank you.." ~Joseph B. Private Client

"The NLP program we took with you these past two weekends made a better person for myself and towards others. I can deal with my own stuff in a better way because I luckily learned the language where I can guide my self when I am going through a difficult time and actually saying that doesn't sound right, its actually a problem that always has a solution because that's life. Conclusion... when I have a problem now I am aware of the auditory internal voice and am able to question it back and get to the bottom or top (that sounds better) of it. First, I laugh about it and then take ACTION!!!!!!! It just comes to me. I think that Coach Kalliope worked on us as we were asleep. Sometimes, I thought I didn't get the material we were learning and suddenly, it clicked to me!!! Alleluia!!!!! So much to learn Coach and so much we did with you! Thank you." ~ Gabriela E. Participant of Licensed Practitioner of NLP

"I enjoyed your seminar a lot. It is already helping me now. Thank you for demonstrating and teaching me how to use language. Also, to use the words I choose to empower me to free and expand my mind. I will be using these models that I learned to bring me to a place of enjoyment and fulfillment. You are a great teacher and effective communicator."  Elena W. Participant of Licensed Practitioner of NLP